Miss Jones Baking Co. wanted to reformulate a line of organic cake and brownie mixes and approached us to help them launch a new line of products.


We started with Miss Jones Baking Co.’s kitchen recipes, then developed commercial formulas to meet the brand’s desired product attributes and refined the product formulas following qualitative consumer feedback. We sourced industrial ingredients and identified the ideal manufacturing and distribution partners. We also advised on nutrition labeling on the brand’s packaging.


We helped bring to life and refine nearly all of the Miss Jones baking portfolio, including the cakes and brownie box line, frostings, cookie mixes and dessert-in-a-cup products.

In 2016, Miss Jones Baking Co.’s Brownie Mix went head to head against Betty Crocker’s and won an unofficial taste test conducted by USA Today.



  • Product Development

  • Co-manufacturer Search

  • Product Refinement

  • Commercialization