CCD Innovation and The Helmsman Group have joined forces, combining CCD Innovation’s world-class culinary development—driven by strategic vision, trend insights and the creativity of its Chefs’ Council®—with The Helmsman Group’s vast expertise in commercialization, scale-up and getting finished products to market quickly. Together, we reimagine food, from start to finish, for a full-service solution for your innovation needs.


It is with deepest regrets that we announce the death of Kimberly Egan, partner and Chief Strategy Officer with CCD Helmsman for the past 25 years. As those who worked with her know, Kimberly brought energy, enthusiasm, and focused creativity to everything she did. She battled valiantly against an aggressive form of breast cancer, supported by friends, clients and family.

As we grieve for the loss of Kimberly’s verve for strategic food invention, CCD Helmsman will continue to maintain the standards of creativity, innovation and excellence that Kimberly helped to develop and practice during her time with us.


Together with our 100+ Chefs’ Council®, we are the secret ingredient in the success of food and beverage solutions for brands big and small.

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We Grow Food Brands

Over the last 25 years, we’ve launched 350 products and generated more than $28 billion in revenue for our clients.